I told myself I wouldn't cut my hair.

After years of taking scissors to my wavy locks, I put my foot down and decided: "I'm going to have that long mermaid hair". Yes, stupid, I know. My mom looked at me with the skeptical attitude of a person who has heard such a claim countless times before (I don't know where she gets the patience from). But to everyone's surprise, I managed not to cut my hair! Success! Now my hair finally graces my back and falls almost the way I want it to - it still likes to remind me that it is in control. Oh yes, I had achieved my goal and was not going to fall for those trends of "<Insert cool celebrity chick here> just cut her hair and she looks awesome". Just wait till summer when beach waves are back and you can't achieve them with your cool pixie cut.

So everything was going fine, until I saw these pictures of Kiko Mizuhara. Cool actress/model with a style oh too cool. And suddenly, my long hair seemed rather redundant. Sure, I finally had long hair…but now what? I usually wear my hair down or in a bun, so it's not like I'm doing special styles with it. And since I stopped braiding my hair, that's no longer an excuse for having long locks.

Needless to say, I spent the whole weekend wavering - as well as being inspired by the minimalist makeup and orange/brown eyeshadow (see here) - and folding my hair just to see how it would look. I could pull it off, right? But in a moment of second-guessing myself, I decided to wait. Wait a month or two, see how I feel then. And if I do, well, "Off with the hair!" It grows, right? Right?!


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    1. Thank you! I really enjoy writing, so I appreciate the feedback. And yeah, I'll have to check yours out!