The Little Things That Could - Part 3

The second second installment of "The Little Things That Could" is all about my infamously chapped lips and the two products that have helped make them less sandpaper-ish. Something that wasn't pictured here, but goes a bit with last post's theme, is exfoliating my lips. There really isn't much point in applying a bunch of lip balm to peeling and disgusting lips (mine can get pretty damn bad!), so I usually combine honey and brown sugar, or coconut sugar, to exfoliate.

I had heard countless raving reviews about the Nuxe lip balm, and I can certainly attest to it's greatness. I will, however, say that with extremely peeling lips, it can emphasize how awful they look. This is probably due to the fact that it is actually a matte lip balm and from what I have heard about matte lip products, they are not very flattering with peeling lips. The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Passion is magnificent. It is creamy - at times too creamy, and I have to pat it onto my lips - and the color is just the right kind of red. I find that not only does it give a hint of color but it also changes the texture of my lips, making them less chapped and shitty (in the best sense possible!)

The Little Things That Could - Part 2

Nails. I've talked about them several times here and here and needless to say, I like my nails to be in order. Chipped manicures give me a twitch, and I suffered for a while from peeling nails. As a teen, I used to have the habit of taking off my polish in the scraping it off...I probably don't need to tell you just how bad that is for your nails, since you end up scraping off the top layer of your nail as well. Then, the debacle with the no-chip manicure caused my nails to become brittle, peeling, and essentially awful. Aside from incorporating a healthier diet into my regime (I say this while I eat a coconut macaroon, but we're allowed cheat days, right? Right?!), I also incorporated the products above.

The buffer (cheap, from Walgreen's) creates a smoother surface, the Nutra Nail gives them just that, nutrients, and finally the NailAid Instant Wrap - the Peeling Nail from NailAid was a staple a few years back - helps protect my nails and retain moisture. At night I've also taken to using Rosebud balm around my cuticles and on the nails itself, and I try to use lotion on my hands after washing to prevent dehydration. Now, I can say that my nails actually look good without nail polish, and I don't feel the need to hide them anymore. I will also say, that I have started using 5-free polishes from Zoya, and I think that is also an important factor.

The Little Things That Could - Part 1

This series (with a total of 5 parts to be posted throughout this week) is all about the products that have been my saving grace for the past month or so. I have been trying to regain some semblance to balance in my life, as a major breakout had greatly affected my self-esteem - let's face it, it happens - and going to work with a blotchy, acne-covered face seemed really painful and made me self-conscious.

You may recall my discovery of LUSH products, and I bought their Herbalism cleanser and two of their moisturizers (because even though I was (am) dealing with acne, my skin was peeling and immensely dry) Cosmetic Lad and Skin Drink. And while Herbalism seemed to be working at first, I found that the acne wasn't quite improving and it wasn't exfoliating nearly as much as I needed it to. And then I found La Roche-Posay's Effeclar Duo and everything kind of changed. I know the formula for the US version is not the same as the French version, and I can say it is a bit drying, but I found that nevertheless it saved me (doesn't stop me from asking my friend that's visiting Paris to bring me back the European version!). The skin started peeling around the acne, and with the addition of exfoliating with a boar brush (the one pictured above is for the body, but I didn't want to own up to the fact that I use a boar-bristled tooth brush to exfoliate my face! ah!) every few days, and adding serum and moisturizer to my routine at night, the spots have reduced extremely! I used the Lush Color Supplement to cover some of the remaining spots, but let's just say there is much less to cover now than before. Yay!

New Things Are Coming

Now, I don't mean to gloat....however, I have finally purchased a new camera! After a few years with a Nikon 70D, and using my Samsung Note 3 the past year for taking pictures, it was time to get a camera that could take IWTH to a new level (and of course, it's such a fun toy!). I didn't get a point and shoot, only because I am convinced that those cameras are nowhere near as efficient and cool as the SLRs. Plus, I really want to expand my lens collection, film some videos (new projects!), and try new techniques on photography. I might even consider buying the VSCO Film (please tell me if you have used it and think is worth the price!), but I'm not too sure yet. Below are some of the test shots I took with the camera.

What do you think? Since I am super excited about this camera, I'll be posting a several new things, even if it means doing most of the writing during the weekend, since it becomes a bit difficult at times during the week because of work. Get ready for lots in IWTH!

Dreaming of Fun Times and Cocktails

Finally, some pictures from Disney Town! I had the most delicious seafood platter there, that genuinely made me rethink how I eat seafood - no need to fry it, people! And that cocktail at the top was by far the most delicious non-alcoholic drink I have ever had.

I'm going to take this moment to recall a time not long ago, where I could wake up at 10 (but not really) and live by the motto "hakuna matata".