Apologies Galore

So I've been a bit MIA for a bit now (I know, more broken promises - more shame on my part!), but with good reason! I was traveling to Florida and Tennessee two weeks ago, and...I got a job! Which means less free time to enjoy myself and do whatever and take pictures, and add to IWTH. Anyway, here are a few shots of the trip!

Don't know why, but I seem to have lost all of my beach pictures (which weren't that many, honestly). I also realized - too late in the game - that for $20 you can buy a waterproof camera, which would have been really awesome for taking pictures in the ocean. Figures I would forget!

I'll try my best to come up with adventures to share! But work (i.e. cubicle) life just isn't that exciting (but the money it brings is!!).

Brand Focus: Lush Cosmetics

I had heard of Lush products quite a bit recently, but it mostly revolved around their famous bath balms. Having passed by their store many times, only until now did I venture inside. And let me tell you, their stuff is great! Smell-wise, the place gets an A+ and the girl helping us was very nice and an excellent sale-person because I walked away with a few products.

As of now, I can't say how well the products will work. I'm really looking forward to the "I Love Juicy" shampoo for my oily scalp, and the "Retread" conditioner for my dry ends. I'm a bit annoyed that I missed their cosmetics section so I'll have to go back soon (oh poor me!). I think it's always refreshing to find brands that are not only concerned with their product, but also with the impact and source of the product. Many mainstream cosmetic brands use ingredients that are synthetic, or poorly sourced. I'm always looking to find more companies like these!

Let's Talk About: "The Ladies"

This might seem like a strange conversation to have...but maybe not! Talking about bras today on IWTH:

Hear me out on why life is so much better not wearing wired/padded bras. First, the wire is extremely uncomfortable, especially in the summer when you get all sweaty and it just starts sliding down and you catch yourself fixing it...in the middle of the street. Just like a guy fixing his crotch. But instead, it's your bra. Secondly, the padding is unnatural! Sure, they may make everyone else think that you are two cup sizes bigger, but deep down (under all that foam and cotton) you know it's all a lie. And when someone takes that bra off, expecting the same results, wouldn't they be a little disappointed when that's not the case? But maybe that's not reason enough. I mean, we shouldn't really care what others think! Especially about our chests, right!

For me, it wasn't about how my boobage looked to others, it was about how it felt for me. And admittedly, I never liked the bras from Victoria's Secret (I know, I'm sorry). Even as a teenager. So when a cut on my back made it so I couldn't wear wired bras with lots of plastic and clips, I switched to bralettes. And that was about 4 years ago! I actually find these to be sexier than your average padded bras, and almost gives you a nude feeling without being nude - and with the necessary support. You might be thinking, these aren't for bustier girls! But I would argue that you're wrong. Being bustier myself, I find they do provide all the support I actually need.

So maybe give these a go! Try buying one in your size and taking it for a test drive. It might take some getting used to, but I think you might find that they are even better than your regular bras!

Bras above are from Gap Body

A Stroll Around Chicago

Whenever family or friends visit, you are kind of required to show them around a city they have never visited - and do all of the touristy things you are expected to do. This is what we did all of Tuesday of last week (I know, it's a bit late). Walked Chicago for hours and ended walking around 14 miles!! Crazy, I know. But it was a wonderful time.

My first time going up the Hancock Tower to the 360 room, and I even went on the Tilt thing, which was incredibly scary! My legs were shaking for a good part of the time and as the window tilted further out, I tried to move my body in the opposite direction! When the guy working there said that we could put our stomachs on the window, all I could think was "Hell, no!"

Sometimes you forget how great the city you live in is until you get to re-experience it as a visitor. We get so caught up in the drag of everyday life, that we miss all the great scenery around us.

Let's Talk About Hair

I am not a particularly high-maintenance person when it comes to hair either, and I find that adding product to my hair just makes it greasier and weighed down. I wash my wavy/curly hair (it has a mind of its own) (I used to hate my hair so much in high school!) every 3-4 days on average. My scalp gets oilier the quickest, and my ends can get pretty dry. Since cutting my hair, however, I've tried taking a bit more time to style it and take care of it. And here is where these products come in:

Walgreens now seems to carry Toni&Guy products (and the ones downtown Chicago are even nicer!) along with some other brands that I am excited to try! Anyway...I have heard a lot about sea salt sprays and I wanted to give it a go. Especially since I have been craving the sea for the past six months and wanted to get as close to it as possible - even if it wasn't physically. The spray smells great, and it gives my hair a really nice texture and volume. It doesn't feel stiff or heavy after using it. I love to keep the small travel-sized version in my bag.

Now, I (okay, my mom) stumbled upon this on my first trip to the Merz Apothecary in Chicago: Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. It smells absolutely divine, and my coconut obsession just seems even more warranted with this product. Since it has lemon in it, it isn't overly coconut-y but it is sweet - which some people might now like at first. However, the smells eventually fades and it is just a bit subtle. It was a really good price for the amount that there is and the amount that I actually use. I avoid using much, since it can make my hair look overly greasy. A squeeze smaller than your fingernail is enough. I usually apply it after blow-drying my hair (which I have found straightens my hair a bit, and makes it easier to brush and manage) mostly to my ends and then work the remaining on my roots. Winter dryness be gone with this stuff! Definitely recommend this to anyone!