New Treasures in Chicago

The lack of content on the site is thanks to that engineering project I have been talking about. But finally, this weekend the device was completed and on Tuesday it will be presented at an exposition. There is a competition associated with the presentation, but since this won't really affect my grade in the course, I'm not too nervous about it. However, this weekend I was finally able to enjoy myself a little and these pictures are the product of that enjoyment!

After four years of walking around Chicago, Friday was the first time I came across Merz Apothecary - much to my mom's dismay and excitement. We were in a small paradise, and found countless brands and products I would normally not see (or have to purchase from Amazon).
Almost bought these, except the pink color didn't quite suit me. Thinking of getting them in blue.

Wish me luck tomorrow and I will definitely be posting more regularly once this is over!

One Crazy Week

I've already mentioned my love for sushi, but the sushi you get at an actual Japanese restaurant is nothing like the one at Whole Foods (no offense!). Everything above was delicious!

Last week may have been crazy, but the weekend more than made up for it. Eight days till my engineering project is presented, so it's a hall-ass kind of week! But soon it will be full of relaxation (I hope, anyway)

A Week of Favorites

Marc Jacobs wallet//Nivea Tinted Moisturizer//Bath & Body Works lotion//Blistex Lip Medex//Coconut Oil

Japanese Peach candy//Nail Aid Peeling Nail//Free People hair pins//Scrunchie

To say it's been a rough week would be an understatement. Countless issues ensued with my engineering project - including personal tension between members - and academia has been ensuring that I do not enjoy myself in the least bit this week. So needless to say, there are no Links of the Week, simply because I have not had the opportunity to spend much time online. Anything related to the internet involved emails, schoolwork, and more emails.

Therefore, instead of links I bring you my favorites of this week. These are the things that have helped me get through the week and have made it just a tad more pleasant.