Ackee and Saltfish by Cecile Emeke

I discovered the web series Ackee and Saltfish from a visit to the Manrepeller website. After watching the featured episode "The Lauryn Hill Tickets" (see below) I had to watch more. Thus leading to me having to feature it on IWTH. The creator, Cecile Emeke was featured in The New York Times. The series "documents" the everyday lives of two friends and the bantering and realism of their conversation is hilarious. The concept of ordinary people having something to say - and worth being heard - is a concept that is rarely observed in television in the US. Of course television is normally scripted (as is the web series) but the situations are rather extreme and often times you wonder "Who actually does this?". The simplicity of the series of extremely enjoyable, so feel free to preview below:

Hope you laughed as much as I did, and look at the other videos on YouTube.