Becoming Conscious

I have thought about the responsibilities I have as a human being to myself, to my species, and to the rest of the planet that I inhabit. It seems to me that the world appears to be in great - and perhaps at times, endless - turmoil. Turn on the news and you quickly hear of killings, robberies, and wars. But there are also truths we rarely see (especially here in the United States, with the media being so selective of what it portrays) and realities far more gruesome than we may like to acknowledge.

But I have come to the conclusion that it is my responsibility to educate myself, and to fight for the things that I believe in. And to help others learn about these things. So here, I have compiled a list of some really interesting documentaries, that I think are truly worth watching. I also greatly recommend listening to the Intelligence Squared debates streamed on SoundCloud and learn about issues ranging from prescription drugs and society, to art and literature; also learn about science, technology, and countless more social issues that most certainly relevant to you, too.

A Barber Shop at Bloomingdale's

This barber shop (Merchant & Rhoades) in the Bloomingdale's is almost, almost, as good as Merz. But only because this isn't really an apothecary, and caters more to men than women. Still, we did manage to find a nice cologne for my dad, and they sell Mason Pearson brushes. And for men, they have a bunch of services, like haircuts and shaving. It might not be the most affordable place, and certainly today's generation of men is more likely to visit Sports Clips than a shop like this, but I love the concept and the ritual. It is not just a service, but also and experience.

A Little Piece of France...In Chicago

P.O.S.H. is a wonderful find on State St., toward the northern part by Chicago Ave. While most tourists believe that Michigan Ave. is the greatest street in Chicago, I often find the streets parallel to be far more interesting. In my opinion, there are better streets on Wells or Clark, than Michigan. P.O.S.H. is very French in style, and Haberdash next door is very British. I actually found Mariage Frères tea here! Definitely a place to visit if you're in town. Take a detour away from the main streets and the stuffy sidewalks with endless amounts of pedestrians and tourists. You'll find a Nordstrom pretty much everywhere, but these rare gems are not found in all cities.

They Joined a Motorcycle Gang

Never really thought motorcycles would be a part of my life. When my brother married his wife, motorcycles were brought into the family. And when my dad bought a Suzuki a couple of weeks ago, they officially got a small gang. I don't quite see myself joining any time soon, as I am more of a vehicle kind of girl...and in fact not quite, since I prefer walking or public transportation. But watching the of them bonding an enjoying themselves is great for me to watch. Makes me want to be more passionate about photography and IWTH.

Finding Gems in Chicago

To say that I have been searching for Space519 for a while would be an understatement. Since my time in university, I have been trying to find this place, and have, for some reason, failed time and time again to find it. But during a trip to Chicago this past weekend, I finally found it! You go inside the Bloomingdale's building, and it is toward the top (can't remember the floor right now) by the Potbelly's.

They sell books (pictured above) as well as clothing, purses, skincare and haircare...and Aesop! Which was really all I had went in there for (Resurrection Hand Balm!). They're a bit pricey, but they are selling things made by smaller designers, as well as brands that can't be found in most places in the US.